Beer – What Country Has The Best Beer In The World?

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What country has the best beer in the world

Beer – What Country Has The Best Beer In The World?

For many people the question ‘What country has the best beer in the world?’ is a debatable one. People seem to go with their own definition of what constitutes a good beer and what country does not. If you are interested in discovering the answers to your own question, take a moment to read through this article.

One of the first questions we must ask ourselves when considering ‘the best’ beer is – what is it that makes up the beer that we drink? While there is no denying that the beer styles that we typically consume tend to be very different from one another, one thing is for certain. We are all humans after all and we all share certain basic tastes.

For the most part, our opinions on the best beer are based on the way in which we perceive that beer to be produced. There is no doubt that the majority of people will agree that it is better to have a beer that is made in a smaller brewing company than it is to have a beer that is produced in a huge factory. However, there is one issue with this. Do we think that a beer made by smaller brewers is actually any less tasty and enjoyable? That is to say, do we believe that it is okay to drink a beer that is produced by a giant?

Now, if we are to look at countries that have the best beer in the world then we should be able to answer the same question for them as we would for smaller breweries. The fact of the matter is that in almost every case the answer is yes. There are beers produced in these countries that simply cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Of course, the level of quality varies but there are some things that are universal about beers from these areas.

For instance, is it not obvious that a beer from Canada is going to be far superior to a beer produced in the United States? For one thing, Canada has a vastly different climate that tends to favor very cold weather. When you drink a beer that is produced in Canada, you are able to enjoy the taste much better because it is more of an ice cream type of flavor. A beer from the United States on the other hand is going to be a bit too bitter for your taste buds and you may find that it is lacking on taste.

Secondly, a particular beer from the United States tends to be produced with a greater quantity of hops in the ingredients than a beer produced in Canada. In this case, there is not a lot of sweetness to the beer. However, many American drinkers will say that this is the way that the beer is made and the fact that it is much less expensive than what they would find in other countries that are producing the best beer in the world.

Thirdly, the United States has been a major producer of beer for quite some time now. This fact is apparent, as there are many pubs throughout the country that are only open for certain hours. There is a reason for this, of course, but it is probably a good idea to keep in mind that these pubs tend to offer better value for money. It is not uncommon for patrons to pay a little extra for a pint of beer and enjoy a great tasting brew.

For those that are interested in knowing the answer to what country has the best beer in the world, the answer is – most of the time. Most places that produce the best beers in the world are located in countries that are not located near an ocean and are more temperate.