Dog Friendly Breweries Near Asheville, NC

Dog Friendly Breweries Near Asheville
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Wagging Tails and Craft Brews: The Best Dog-Friendly Breweries Near Asheville

Calling all beer lovers and furry friends! Asheville, North Carolina, is a paradise for craft beer enthusiasts, and the good news is, many of these breweries welcome your four-legged companions with open paws! So, grab your leash, pack some treats, and get ready for a paw-some adventure with your best bud.

**Brews and Boops at Highland Brewing Company:**

Located right in the heart of Asheville, Highland Brewing Company is a must-visit for both humans and canines. Their spacious patio is perfect for letting your dog stretch their legs, and they even have a dedicated water bowl station for thirsty pups. The iconic Highland Gaelic Ale is a perfect pairing for a sunny afternoon with your furry friend.

**Mountain Views and Pup-tastic Treats at New Belgium Brewing:**

Just a short drive from downtown Asheville, New Belgium Brewing in Asheville offers a picturesque setting for your dog-friendly beer outing. Their expansive outdoor space, with its stunning mountain views, is ideal for letting your dog run free. The New Belgium crew even offers dog treats, ensuring a truly unforgettable experience for your canine companion.

**Relax and Relieve at Wedge Brewing:**

For a laid-back brewery experience with a focus on community, Wedge Brewing is a great choice. Their spacious patio allows for ample room for dogs to roam and socialize, and they frequently host dog-themed events, like Yappy Hour, where you can mingle with other dog-loving folks. Dog Friendly Breweries Near Asheville.

**Craft Beer and Canine Camaraderie at Bhramari Brewing:**

This Asheville favorite is known for its innovative craft beers and inviting atmosphere. Their patio is dog-friendly and offers a great spot to enjoy a refreshing brew while your furry friend sniffs out new friends.

**Beyond the Brews: Dog-Friendly Activities in Asheville**

After your brewery hopping adventures, Asheville has plenty more to offer your furry friend. Take a stroll through the beautiful Botanical Gardens, where your dog can enjoy the scenic beauty and fresh air. Or, embark on a scenic hike in the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains, leaving a trail of paw prints in your wake.

**Tips for a Paw-sitive Brewery Experience:**

* **Bring your dog’s leash and water bowl:** Even if the brewery allows off-leash, it’s always a good idea to have a leash handy, especially in crowded areas.
* **Clean up after your dog:** Always be a responsible pet owner and pick up after your dog.
* **Be mindful of other guests:** While many breweries are dog-friendly, some may have specific areas designated for dogs.
* **Keep your dog hydrated:** Offer your dog plenty of water, especially on hot days.

**A Toast to Dog-Friendly Breweries Near Asheville!

Asheville is a haven for dog lovers, offering a plethora of breweries where you and your canine companion can enjoy a refreshing brew and soak up the good times. So, grab your furry friend, lace up your walking shoes, and get ready for a tail-wagging adventure in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains!

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