Highland Brewery

Highland Brewery – Highland Brewing Company

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Highland Brewery – Highland Brewing Company

In fact, I got to go the the first brewery in Asheville on Saturday. Highland is more  than just a Carolina brewery, it really symbolizes the Asheville lifestyle. It’s relaxing and has a “do your own thing” vibe.

Here’s a couple of thoughts from my recent visit. First, I started with a new Pennycove. We hung out on the large outside deck on the beautiful day. The deck was easily large enough to keep socially distanced from the other customers. On  the deck, about half the people had dogs. All of the dogs seemed well behaved and it was interesting watching the different dogs and their owners. I also noticed that many people were in the meadow area of the Highland Brewery.

Ok, back to the beer. The Pennycove tasted a bit like a light version of Guiness. Penny cove is an IPA and a Schwarzbien. I’d have it again, but it was not my favorite.

One of the people I was with had a “I am the King”. From the name alone, I had to try it. I Am the King is a Stout with a 12%ABV. This is  the first time I had tried it and I was duly impressed. More brewing of this beer would be a great idea, Highland Brewing. At least in my opinion.  I would give it a 8.5 on my 11 point scale. FYI, because I am the King has such a high alcohol content, I drink these as a sipping beer.

As the day was winding down, I had a new High Pines by Highland Brewing Co. High Pines is also an IPA and its now available in stores as well as at the brewery. I would highly recommend trying High Pines if you enjoy different IPA’s. It has 9%ABV and a 65 IBU ( International Bitterness Units). It’s quite “hoppy” and you can taste several interesting taste like blueberry and citrus.

As we were leaving a party bus pulled up. They had been touring Asheville and the Highland Brewery was one of their stops. Great Idea.



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